IWC was founded in 1868, tabulation has 147 years of history. There are places called summer Buddha Hauser, the local history of the clock can be traced back to the early 15th century, a full earlier than the IWC 459 years. But IWC factory watch, the accuracy of time, began to be firmly in the hands of people. There is an international whaling committee, referred to as IWC. No fear of 2000 meters of water pressure and the only equipped with machine water depth measuring instrument diving table, professional IWC representative of the “ocean watch series”, and the same can not be compared in 1868 IWC has been available in the pocket watch.

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IWC watch engineers on innovation and invention, skills and the huge growth of the watch industry has great enthusiasm to become the motive force of the IWC. In 1885, the only watchmaking factory in eastern Switzerland developed the first pocket watch with digital performance, causing a stir in the world. In 1889, around the watch factory opened a fierce competition, trying to create the first worn in the hands of the watch, during this period, IWC come to the fore, a global leader in the manufacture of watch series. Create the world record seems to have become the IWC plant heritage power. Outstanding large-scale watch is one of the world’s largest machine watch, a total of 659 micro-components.

This watch is a huge plan, you can probably manufacture the watch manufacturers a handful of, and the production of a limited number of annual output will not exceed 50, so only a very few collectors have the opportunity to have. “Based on Schaffhausen, look around the world” is the IWC obedience creed, IWC, although located outside the tabulation of the central town, still firmly occupy the guide position. Specially designed to meet the special needs of special watches and clocks, kept the Swiss Schaffhausen team the most happy to play the provocation, such as the Royal Air Force made anti-magnetic pilot watch Mark eleven, become the industry legend, but for the navy, railway Companies and divers development of special time, compared to IWC won the “innovative mind inventor” reputation.

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