When we talk about “retro gentleman” when we talk about what? Is a well-crafted oil head wandering on the avenue in the morning, or wearing a three-piece suit to drink whiskey, hit the snooker night; or thin polished Oxford shoes in the evening, it may be nest in the cigar room In the afternoon of the moment … … no matter where the moment, these scenes of great charm and ultimately, a pair of engraved watch of those good times – it is the spirit of the gentleman of the medal, it is through the times pass.

For a long history of the watchmakers, the thick historical background is the brand to re-engraved classic strong cornerstone. As early as 1865, a far-sighted watchmaker Georges Favre-Jacot built an independent watchmaking factory in the Swiss jura’s Lilok Force more than 150 years of tabulation legend. 2016, Zenith again in the history of punches and punishments in the history of the brilliant classic watch, to lead people to feel the retro trend to pass through time, the spread of the charm of sustainable.

In this “what are the old good” now, perhaps fashion is not so difficult, you can not avant-garde, but absolutely can not be retro. Retro is a remembrance and a tribute. Dickens said: “This is the best of times, is the worst of times,” every worthy of the times and tribute to the times are so, and especially in the 1920s, especially full of elusive fascination.

These hair style and suits, these watches and classic cars, snooker and locomotives, and even whiskey and cigars, all of the people have been extracted from the moment, as the return of the foot of the general, as people cast the signs of feelings. So talking about retro, people can always think of a scene with multiple symbols: the club’s thirty-five gentleman, or holding a whiskey in one hand, one hand sandwiched COHIBA cigar; or staring at Snooker’s table staring, thinking The next step how to force … … their wrist when the clock quietly, the core is booming high-speed vibration – perhaps just a very simple ELITE 6150, the second hand silently swept the disk, record the bit by bit The charm.

Tide of the trend, style forever. Time is the best test of the trend, but also the best witness of the style of the times. For men, the gentleman-style return of the last century seems logical. They have an independent aesthetic and taste, pay attention to the external and personality fit. A retro tweed suit, a pair of high quality and durable Oxford shoes are retro gentleman wardrobe in the regulars, but also the best portrayal of the British style.

Leading the spirit of the era of exploration is rooted in the bones of the real power, founded so far, Zenith many times involved in the great adventure of mankind. From 1909 the first flight of the aircraft successfully flew over the English Channel of the English Channel – Louis Blair, to 1911 found the Antarctic Norwegian explorer Roald Aimeng Sen; 70s of last century, a true Sterling silver pocket watch along with Mahatma Gandhi led India to independence, from the British colonial rule … … true force almost witnessed the legend of every era. In the 1960s when the world economy unprecedented prosperity, “Concorde” (Concorde) aircraft in 1969 test flight success, the first time in the same year, mankind on the moon, and then the real power, by virtue of its legendary El Primero Movement, the achievements of the tabulation history of the legend, but also to El Primero series of watches to become a milestone in the pioneer spirit of the times.

When the eternal movement of the time to push to 2017, when the power of more than 150 years of legendary watchmaking spirit has not changed. At the moment the time on the retro style, not only pay tribute to the spirit of the times, more brave to explore the next second. Rejuvenation of the gentleman’s journey is about to be fully open – how to retro fashion, to reproduce the gentleman style, worthy of every era witnesses to wait.

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