March 23, 2017, the annual Basel Watch Fair is about to open, known as the “luxury in the Oscar” Basel Watch Fair today has been successfully held 44 sessions. As we all know that Swiss watches and clocks in the world market long monopoly, the Swiss Watch Industry Association has been established for 35 years, this is a watch industry’s most influential non-profit nature of the Association, the association has more than 500 members, covering More than 90% of the Swiss watch manufacturers, which laid the foundation for the prosperity of the Basel Watch Fair. It can be said that the Basel Watch Fair is the largest in the world, exhibitors brand up to the highest degree of concern, the most active audience, the buyer’s most crazy watch show.

The reason why this is the world’s largest watch exhibition, because since 2010, each session of the Basel show has more than 2,000 brands involved, with a total area of ​​141,000 square meters, of which the largest Messe Basel Exhibition hall) Hall 1, Hall 2, Hall 4 and Hall 5 are watch manufacturers exhibition area, you are in this museum all the exhibition area hang around, you need to spend a whole day, if you have Focus to see some of the brand window, I think two days is a must. Another point is very important, the Basel watch show the latest development of the watch industry trends, new technologies, new materials, new technology direction, each brand for the next 1-2 years to determine the market price, All the public.

2017 Basel International Watch Fair in this Swiss city once again unveiled, love table family will bring you the most timely and detailed graphic reports, welcome friends to your concern about the problem, we will try to meet Your needs, try to push the information to your side in time. At the same time we will pay more attention to key brands of technology trends, market prices. 2017 today, the watch culture has been deeply rooted, we will publish beneficial to consumers,for everyone in the future consumption to be a reference.

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