Mido Dorada series of watch materials only Swiss watch industry in high-quality materials. Case and strap are made of 316L high quality stainless steel. Gold and gold products are selected PVD surface treatment skills. This is not only attractive to the appearance of the watch and its stability can be effectively scratch and corrosion.

Mido is one of the small brands of titanium mechanical watches. This high-tech metal material is commonly used in the field of aeronautics and surgery. Compared with steel materials, it has a lighter, corrosion resistance, anti-allergy and other benefits.

Mido Dorada series of buildings as the carrier of the idea, has always been everyone’s attention, New York Chrysler building that is the case. Natural curve and healthy geometric shapes and other elements of the use of a variety of elements fully embodies the diversity of architectural plans, Mido Bruner series watch to adhering to this concise and heroic lines, with a new plan element interpretation of the invention of this building – – New York Chrysler Building tribute. For the Mido table, the excellent characteristics of the prehistoric history of the building as its commander series of watch the same concept, that “the idea of ​​proof lasting.”

Mido Dorada series Eiffel Tower as the coordinates of time and space, as was born in 1959 Mido commander series, with its long-lasting classic plan, write the legend. Clank iron bones also inevitably have tenderness side, hardness and softness of the economy will be resolutely resolved in shape. Only the history of the grinding and sedimentation, architectural talent to become the classic space-time art, record the legend of the times; as the vast expanse of China’s Great Wall, it will stay together, but extended to the future time and space. Mido table planner will be the Great Wall of architectural art and civilization connotation sublimation for the watch plan concept, with a flashing idea to prove the lasting Mido energy.

Mido Dorada watch the Great Wall series of watches, the use of the Observatory certification initiative, the use of the Great Wall image, the traditional Swiss watchmaking skills and China’s endless stream of history building integration, burst out of a new invention. For Mido’s watchmaker, the revolutionary features of this majestic architecture are similar to those of Mido’s “conceived and inventive” watchmaking philosophy, so the watch series was officially launched in 1934 after two years of Sydney Harbor Bridge. This is a real engineering strength of the ho, Sydney Harbor Bridge is the 20th century, 30 years of industrial revolution in the era of expression. Mido series of public and Sydney Harbor Bridge show thousands of people side of the magnificent momentum, can be described as stunning move.

Replica Mido Dorada White Dial Stainless Steel Mens Watch
#Brand, Seller, or Collection Name – Mido
#Model number – M1130.4.26.1
#Item Shape – Round
#Dial window material type – Saphire
#Display Type – Analog
#Case material – Stainless Steel
#Case diameter – 33 millimeters
#Case Thickness – 5.5 millimeters
#Band Material – Stainless Steel
#Band width – 20 millimeters
#Band Color – Silver
#Dial color – WHITE
#Bezel material Fixed – Stainless Steel
#Special features – M11304261
#Movement – Quartz Movement
#Water resistant depth – 30 millimeters

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